Fee-Based Investing

Fee-Based Investing

Benefitting from the advice of an investment professional you trust is the foundation of our Fee-Based platform.

Our Fee-Based platform positions you to fully benefit from our knowledge and experience, and fully aligns our interests.

Advantages of Fee-Based Advice

- What does this mean for me?

  • Full transparency of fees - enables our clients to implement a financial strategy for a known fee

  • Greater flexibility in buying, selling, and rebalancing portfolios, without considering individual transaction costs

  • Aligned interests - an asset-based fee reinforces the shared objective of asset growth
  • Fees are tax deductible (non-registered accounts)

  • Complete open architecture - we are not compensated by any investment companies, which allows us to remain objective in our recommendations

  • Greater breadth of investment strategies and opportunity set

  • Opportunity for overall fee reduction and savings to our clients
  • We are pleased to provide the following services for your benefit:

  • Regular and scheduled investment consultations

  • Professional and personalized advice

  • Retirement planning (accumulation phase) and retirement income planning (decumulation phase), including after-tax income planning

  • Enhanced reporting and portfolio analysis in review meetings
  • Efficient structuring of investments from a tax perspective

  • Scheduled, educational, and informational communications

  • Investment research and model portfolios

  • Estate planning support