Greg Milley

Greg Milley, PEng.

Director, Private Client Group, Senior Investment Advisor & Insurance Advisor

HollisWealth, a division of Industrial Alliance Securities Inc. and Hollis Insurance Inc.

As a Senior Investment Advisor with HollisWealth, Greg brings twenty years of financial services experience to his practice. Greg graduated from UNB with a BSc. EE (Electrical Engineering) degree and has more than a decade of experience in a multi-national corporate environment. In addition, Greg is a self-employed professional adding significant insight to the challenges facing those required to create and fund their own retirement. Leading a professional life similar to that of many long term clients creates a very close affinity to their challenges, and proves that success is a result of a long term commitment to both objective and sound, ongoing planning.

Within the financial services industry Greg has completed the Professional Financial Planning (PFP) course, as well as the Level II Life Insurance Program. A key focus of his expertise and ongoing education is in the area of tax efficient investment planning as this is a cornerstone of his practice. Going forward his educational efforts will continue to focus on the increasingly complicated area of Retirement Income Planning.

Experience gleaned through twenty years of financial and estate planning workshops, and the implementation of the resultant financial plans, ensures clients stay engaged. Many clients who are with him today became clients as a result of these efforts. A client will only plan their retirement once; The Milley Team has the experience and expertise aquired in assisting hundreds of client families in their retirement income planning.

Communication is the heart of our business. Our clients want to be educated and informed, creating in them confidence that their needs will be met; as well as confidence in our advice. Our goal is to meet all expectations with a high level of continuity, drawing on the individual skills and extensive experience of ourselves and our associates. Greg’s personal mission is to inform and educate clients in order that they can make good financial decisions. We then implement their financial plans together.

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