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Russian Roulette with Ukraine

It is unfortunate that we are having to address another negative in the world just as health issues are stabilising. Recognition is given to the fact we are witnessing yet another invasion which will alter and harm families. Our hopes and prayers are for as swift and peaceful resolution as is possible.

With respect to your own investments, although history can’t be relied on as prediction it can lead us to some possible conclusions in the investment area, illustrating how markets have reacted to previous acts of war and terrorism. This includes the observation that negative reactions to events of this nature may be quick and possibly relatively short.  Also, remember your portfolio is invested in strategies that focus on quality companies, with reliably growing earnings, and that are reasonably priced.  Over time, these are the drivers of performance, rather than other events.

We would like to share with you this update surrounding events in Ukraine. We hope you find this summary helpful.

And remember, the Sensible Wealth Advisory Group, our team, is here to interact with you in trying times. We want you to reach out and contact us when you feel the need.